Who is Unposed for?

If you are a professional photographer or videographer and you shoot weddings, couples and families, UNPOSED is for you.

What is Unposed?

UNPOSED is a collection of prompts and games designed to get your clients to connect and forget about the camera - in return giving you authentic images filled with natural movements, real expressions and genuine emotion. Each set has 40+ prompts that range from silly to sweet giving you and your couples a variety of playful and passionate photos.


Let’s be honest - not everyone loves having their photos taken…it can be awkward and nerve wracking. But as a wedding photographer or videographer, it’s your job to capture them - not the stiff and nervous version of them, the real them - the playful, and crazy-in-love version of them that some couples might have trouble expressing in front of a stranger with a camera (understandably).

The Unposed Couples Guide is the answer to breaking down the uncomfortable wall between your camera and your couple. This guide will immediately bring your couples out of their shell and create beautiful moments for you to capture. In other words, your couple won’t even realize you’re taking photos, because they’ll be too busy cuddling, laughing and falling in to each others arms (in a way you could have never posed them yourself).

Your photos will be effortless and your couples will be natural. What could be better!?

How about at the end of the session when your couple leaves saying, “wow, that went so much better than I expected" (even the grooms!).

Or when they they their photos back and see and appreciate how well you captured their true love.

Want to see an example?

Try it at your next shoot, and watch the magic happen. You’ll be hooked :)

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Unposed is an actual set of cards that will be mailed to you. No digital copy of the field guide is available at this time.