Unposed Field Guide has all the tools you need to get ANYONE to feel comfortable in front of you camera.

Who is Unposed for?

If you are a professional photographer or videographer and you shoot weddings, couples and families, Unposed is for you.

What is Unposed?

UNPOSED is a collection of prompts and games designed to get your clients to connect and forget about the camera - in return giving you authentic images filled with natural movements, real expressions and genuine emotion. 

In other words - If you've ever shot a stiff groom or an awkward teenager,  you know how challenging it can be to get them to "act natural".  Well, with Unposed they just will! Unposed brings people out of their shell and makes photographing anyone fun and easy! With Unposed,  your clients will never say "what do I do with my hands?" ever again. Instead, they'll leave saying,  "that was way more fun than I thought it was going to be!" 

Unposed will give your clients the experience they deserve and you the photos you've always wanted.

Take your photos to the next level with Unposed. 

Unposed is an actual set of cards that will be mailed to you. No digital copy of the field guide is available at this time. 

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